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Lisa Duong Agatep, DPT

Clinic Director, Registered Physiotherapist

Qualified Clinical Pilates Practitioner


Lisa completed her Doctor of Physiotherapy degree at the University of Melbourne in Australia after finishing her Bachelors degree at The University of Western Ontario. Lisa has been practicing as a Physiotherapist since 2014 and is a certified clinical Pilates instructor. She worked in Melbourne, Australia for a year after completing her degree and moved back to Canada in 2015 where she began working at Alliance Physio. Lisa has recently taken on the role as the Clinic Director in January 2020.


She has a wide variety of experiences working with patients of all ages and backgrounds including athletes, paediatric conditions, pre and post-natal populations. Lisa has taken additional continuing education courses in treatment of the pelvic and lumbar spine, shoulder, and temporomandibular joint. She also completed acupuncture and dry needling, and clinical pilates courses. Lisa has a passion for using her expertise in clinical pilates to help patients with chronic low back pain, postural dysfunction, prenatal conditions, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis.


Lisa believes in a collaborative role in Physiotherapy between her and her patients. She actively involves her patients in producing a treatment program that takes into consideration their personal lifestyle and functional goals. She encourages all her patients to be active by incorporating exercises that fits into their daily activities.


During her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children. She loves playing tennis, badminton, and swimming. She also loves to travel and has been to over 32 countries around the world.

Dr. Noor Ul Amin, M.D

Sports Medicine Doctor


Dr. Noor Ul Amin, MD, CCFP (SEM), Dip Sport Med (CASEM)
Lecturer University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
Ministry of Health Focused Practice Designation


Dr. Amin completed his Sports Medicine Fellowship training at the University of Toronto and is a Diplomat of the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM). He holds board certification from the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) where he has been awarded additional Certification due to his enhanced expertise in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM).  He is a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO). After his internship at the renowned Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, he completed his Family Medicine Residency at the University of Manitoba.


During his training, Dr. Amin was elected as the President of the Canadian Association of Internes and Residents, representing physicians across Canada, a role where he was able to effect meaningful change and exercise his commitment to national medical and educational issues. Dr. Amin continues to be actively involved in student and resident teaching and holds academic appointment at The University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine.


In addition to providing office consultations in Sports and Exercise Medicine, Dr.Amin has experience working as an Emergency Room (ER) and urgent care physician.  Dr. Amin enjoys providing on field medical coverage and has provided care at a variety of events, some of which include the University of Toronto Varsity Blues men's hockey team and women's basketball team, Mississauga St. Michaels Majors hockey team, Canadian National Track and Field Championship, Canadian National Beach Volleyball Championship, Canadian Synchronized Skating Championship, Toronto FC Academy and the Mississauga and Oakville marathons.


Exercise is medicine, and helping to keep patients healthy and active is his passion.

Piumika Fernando, MSc.PT

Resident Physiotherapist


Puimika is a resident Physiotherapist and a registered kinesiologist. Puimika completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto and went on to completing her Masters of rehabilitation sciences (Physiotherapy) at the University of Brighton, England.


Puimika has been in the healthcare field since 2013 and has experience working with a wide variety of patient populations. Puimika strives on not just treating the problem but recognizing all other factors; medical, pyschological and social factors that may affect a person's life. Her goal is to incorporate all her knowledge of health/wellness and her hands on therapeutic skills towards her patients to ensure her patients receive well rounded, holistic physiotherapy care.


Outside of work, Piumika is a NCCP badminton coach and is the Deputy head coach at Fernando's Youth Badminton Academy in Brampton. Her other interests includes playing sports, watching movies, and traveling.

Kareem Ali, MSc. PT

Registered Physiotherapist


Kareem received his Masters in Physiotherapy from McMaster University. Kareem has a background in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa, where he gained experience working with the strength coaching department for professional sports teams including the CFL, OHL and NASL leagues. This is where Kareem’s interest in functional training, exercise re-education and rehab started to flourish.


Kareem has experience working as a registered Physiotherapist since 2019. Kareem has a variety of experience ranging from paediatrics/athletic populations to geriatrics in cardio-respiratory, neurological and orthopaedic settings. Kareem uses evidence-based practice to create specific treatment programs including manual therapy, exercise and education to help patients reach their goals. Kareem is passionate about exercise science and physiotherapy and was honoured to have his own research published in the BMC journal for back pain in 2020.


Kareem is a firm believer in ongoing education and has received certifications in Advanced Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Introduction Acupuncture/Dry Needling and attending numerous mentorship workshops working on manual, soft tissue and rehab protocols.

During his free time Kareem is passionate about sports and exercise. He works as a coach at F45 Training Studio, helping people in the community with their health, fitness, and lifestyles. He also plays basketball, golf, tennis, football and runs in his spare time. He also enjoys travelling and exploring with his fiancé.

Dr. Albert Varela, DC

Chiropractor and Manual Osteopath practitioner


Dr. Varela is a board certfied Chiropractor and Manual Osteopathic practitioner, specializing in neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Varela graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illnois with Bachelor of Science (Honours) degrees in Human Biology, as well as a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  Dr. Varela earned his Bachelor of Science Kinesiology (Honours) degree from York University.  He received his acupuncture certificate from the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program at McMaster University.  Dr. Varela also graduated with top honours from the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto, Ontario.


Dr. Varela has many years of clinical experience in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  He has treated a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints ranging from sports injuries and rehabiltation to geriatric injuries. His treatment focus is hands on care including; chiropractic manipulation and osteopathic mobilization of the spine and/or extremeties, spinal decompression, soft tissue release/therapy, acupuncture, custom orthotics, nasal release technique and necessary electro-modalities. Dr. Varela is committed to personally connecting with the patient as a whole person and developing a personalized treatment plan to address each patient's unique needs.


Dr. Varela is actively engaged in continuing education in order to ensure his patient's have access to the most up-to-date tools necessary in their recovery to optimum health and future injury prevention.  He uses the most cutting edge and innovative examination and manual techniques to help you deal with pain, increase mobility, optimize health, prevent injury, and increase participation in activities of everyday living.  He keeps up-to-date with current research, as well as with continuing education courses, so that he delivers and you receive the most current and effective treatment.  He will work together with that patient to come up with a treament plan that will be effective and that patients are comfortable with.

Dr. Maheen Andleeb, DC



Dr. Maheen Andleeb attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic in Toronto, Ontario where she graduated in June 2020 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. She developed and honed her skills during an intensive fourth-year internship completed at the Bronte Harbour chiropractic clinic, CMCC. Prior to this, she obtained an Honours Bachelor degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University in Toronto. Dr. Maheen is committed to continuing her education and supplementing her current knowledge and skills by taking additional courses.


Dr. Maheen has a variety of interests including treatment of sport, pediatric conditions, work related injuries, overuse injuries, pre and post-natal populations. Her experience has included treating headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, TMJ dysfunction and many other neuro-musculoskeletal disorders.
Dr. Maheen believes in a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach to patient- centered care. She uses current research, patient values, and clinical experience to thoroughly assess, diagnose, and provide individualized treatment plans to her patients. She focuses on finding
and understanding the root cause of her patient’s complaints. Her philosophy is to use a holistic approach including manual therapy techniques to optimize her patient’s movement patterns and provide them with education and an understanding of their body so they can function at their fullest potential. She uses a diverse clinical approach to treatment which combines traditional chiropractic care which includes spinal manipulative therapy mobilizations, athletic taping, instrumented- assisted soft tissue therapy, myofascial release techniques, activator, and exercise therapy.


Dr. Maheen is devoted to living a healthy active lifestyle. She prioritizes nutrition, sleep, and regular physical activity to keep herself functioning optimally. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, dancing, swimming, make-up, fashion, travelling, learning about different cultures, food, playing, and watching basketball and football.

Brenda Villagra, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Brenda graduated from the massage therapy program at Everest College in 2010.  Brenda has been trained to be able to combine a variety of massage techniques such as; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Fascial Release, Frictions, Joint Mobilization, Trigger Point Therapy and stretching to provide an effective treatment plan for a variety of muscular conditions.  She specializes in deep tissue massage as an effective therapy to help reduce pain, muscle tension and restriction.

Laura Amato, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Laura graduated from Everest College in 2008. In over 10 years of her practice, she's worked alongside and experienced treatment from a variety of practitioners including naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychotherapists, athletic therapists, physiotherapists and personal trainers. Laura has gained valuable knowledge through her established healthcare network allowing her to develop a holistic, well rounded perspective to client care and overall well-being.


Laura's goal is to work with her clients, establishing treatments that aid them with their health concerns while also providing a level of relaxation. She aims to provide pressure and technique that is tailored to and ideal to each client's specific preferences and needs. Her style typically has a slow and rhythmic flow with an adjustable, moderately deep pressure. Depending on the treatment, Laura utilizes a variety of techniques including General Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Techniques, Stretching and Traction. Laura checks in regularly with her clients throughout their sessions to ensure they are content with its progression, making changes when necessary.


On a personal level, Laura is a world traveler, low key adventurer and café lover. She's journeyed to 5 continents, traveled solo for a year through Asia and Australia, trekked mountains, kayaked rivers, zip lined through the jungle, and has jumped out of a plane. In her spare time at home, Laura lives a simpler life practicing yoga, journaling at coffee shops, taking walks in nature and spending quality time with friends and family. She has a passion for learning and is frequently reading or studying a variety of subjects. Laura loves experiencing life in big and small ways, always open to what it has to offer and teach.

Stephanie Zadorozniak, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Stephanie graduated from Humber College in 2018. The following year, she was awarded first place in the Student Case Report Contest hosted by the Registered Massage Therapy Act of Ontario (RMTAO).


Stephanie utilizes her skill to focus on the individual complaints to create a customized treatment plan to meet the patients goals. Treatment plans include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, myofascial techniques, joint mobilizations, and various stretching techniques. When applicable, Stephanie will incorporate therapeutic exercise to help you integrate an active lifestyle back into your daily routine.


Stephanie has experience treating headaches, tendinopathies, weekend warriors, desk workers, whiplash symptoms, sciatic symptoms, low back pain, neurological conditions, chronic pain, sprains, strains, postural dysfunctions, and more.


In Stephanie's spare time she enjoys practicing yoga, juggling tricks, and playing board games.

Andrea Maharaj, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist


Andrea graduated from the massage therapy program at Humber College in 2015. She has experience working in both a clinic and spa setting, and is able to provide both wellness and therapeutic treatments for her clients. Andrea uses a combination of: Swedish, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage to help achieve her client’s goals. Each treatment plan is individualized for each client, whether it is to relieve pain, reduce stress, increase circulation and relaxation or improve overall wellness. Andrea has experience with treating postural imbalances, stress, headaches, and chronic pain.

Barbara Bobon

Office Administrator