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Active Therapy

Active Therapy is a rehabilitation technique that involves analyzing basic movement patterns as well as taking a total fitness history of the patient and using this information to develop exercise programs that are tailored to the patient’s individual needs.
They will teach you specific exercises and make sure you are doing them properly. Our Active Therapist will collaborate with the other health care professionals at the clinic, including but not limited to; the Physiotherapist, Registered Massage Therapist and Chiropractor to develop a specific plan of care for the patient.


The Active Therapist will analyze your daily activities and make sure to incorporate that information into the exercise program to make sure your everyday functioning is improved. The goal for the Active Therapist is to help the patient achieve their goals. Whether this be to decrease pain, improve function, increase strength, or safely enhance fitness level, the Active Therapist will tailor to the patient’s needs.


The Active Therapy process will be done in a collaborative manner, meaning the Active Therapist will work closely with the patient themselves to help discover the best course of treatment that works for the patient. Knowledge and understanding are key aspects of the rehabilitation process and therefore the Active Therapist will be sure to keep the patient informed as well as answer any questions the patient may have.


The goal of the program is to help increase strength, flexibility, function and general conditioning to individuals after an injury. The program will help patients return to normal function safely and efficiently.